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Ohio Growth Summit 2014 :: Call For Speakers

Do you want to be part of the 10th anniversary of the Ohio Growth Summit? Here is your chance, the Ohio Growth Summit 2014 Call For Speakers is officially open. For the past nine years we have identified the best and smartest speakers to share their experiences in growing small businesses. We are looking for presenters for… Continue reading

Get Your Sales Prospects to Take Action

When you think about your competitors what comes to mind? Probably some company that is competing against you in the market, makes sense. You watch them, monitor their pricing, check the quality of their product or service so you can keep a step ahead of them. Awesome, that is what you should do but have… Continue reading

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to use social media for business in a way that is not just fun and engaging for your customers but actually going to show a return for your bottom line. These are the best resources you can subscribe to so that you’re continually connected… Continue reading

The Ohio Growth Summit, View Behind The Curtain

As many of you know the Ohio Growth Summit is kind of my gig. I founded the Ohio Growth Summit (or OGS or Summit, it answers to all of those) in 2005.  To be honest the motivation behind the inaugural Summit was to bring Guy Kawasaki to Columbus, Ohio. I first saw Guy speak in 2001.  At… Continue reading

Why I am pumped for June 6th

I was perusing Twitter this morning and I saw where my friend Amy Schmittauer had written the post 4 Faces You Must See on June 6th. This highlights Ohio Growth Summit presenters Amber MacArthur, Cheryl Harrison and Jess Ostroff. As the Director of the Ohio Growth Summit I couldn’t agree more with Amy’s thoughts. After reading her post I started thinking that I should let… Continue reading