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Creativity For Sale at The Ohio Growth Summit

Creativity For Sale, the new book by Jason Surfrapp is waiting for you to pick your copy up at the Ohio Growth Summit. Don’t miss Jason’s Keynote presentation on June 5th. Sign up today at  

What Will You Be Doing Friday?

Friday, June 6, 2014 I will live life on my own terms I will follow my passion I will live out of my potential not my past I will create the life I want to live I will say “No” to the unnecessary and “Yes” what matters I will look at failure as proof that… Continue reading

Want more information on the Ohio Growth Summit?  I recently did with Linda Kauffman on WFCO, 90.9 in Lancaster, OH where I discuss what you can expect from this year’s Ohio Growth Summit. What to expect from the Keynote presenters. What to expect from the breakout presenters. How to connect with new people and old friends.… Continue reading

Invest In Your Business at the Ohio Growth Summit

With all of the day to day activities you need to do when running your own business it is often difficult to find time to think and act strategically. However, to succeed you need to stay up on the latest trends and new strategies around growing your business. One of the best ways to find… Continue reading