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RTS Logo02This is the seventh episode of Reach the Summit, a brand new podcast that helps you reach your business goals. Episodes are recorded twice per month and feature business owners, marketers, salespeople, social media specialists, operations managers, and other inspirational individuals who can speak about their path to success and how to help other people in business.

Your hosts Mike Bowers and Amy Schmittauer interview each guest to learn more about what makes them tick and what keeps them striving for success in everything they do.

Steve KloydaSteve Kloyda, the Prospecting Expert, joins the podcast this week to talk about why finding the right people is the most critical step in the sales process, the importance of practicing and planning, and how he overcomes the fear of reluctance when it comes to making phone calls.

Steve went to school for visual art and has always been a creative guy, which is an interesting way to start a career in sales. When he started training in sales early on in his career, he was encouraged to call CEOs and paint pictures of what he feels is going on in their minds. This tactic helped him understand successful sales and helped him craft the tactics he uses in his business today. When he realized that he couldn’t sit around wait for the phone to ring, he worked on learning the best way to find the right people, planning the purpose of the call, and using the phone to reach people effectively.

In this 30-minute episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why every small business owner needs to know about prospecting
  • Why the telephone is one of the most misused and abused technology
  • Step-by-step intructions to start you phone calls
  • What you should never to say to new prospects on the phone
  • What it means to have a script without sounding canned
  • The key to a successful call with a defined purpose
  • How important voicemail is and what to say when you get it (70% of calls go to voicemail!)
  • How to come up with your unique messaging

…and much, much more.

Learn more about Steven on his website,, follow him on Twitter @SteveKloyda, like his Facebook page, The Prospecting Expert, email him at, or feel free to give him a call at 612-454-1426.

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