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OGS 12 Breakout

I am excited to announce that the Ohio Growth Summit 2013 Call For Speakers is officially open.

For the past eight years we have identified the best and smartest speakers to share their experiences in growing small businesses. We are looking for presenters for the breakout workshops, which are critical piece to the success of the Ohio Growth Summit.

Breakout sessions are what connect the dots and complement our keynote speakers (check out our welcome video to learn more about our keynotes for 2013).  It’s the diversity of topics and speakers in these sessions that allow the attendees to truly customize the experience to their needs. In the past, I have hand-picked the speakers. This year I am opening up the opportunity to speak at OGS to experienced and talented business experts who can provide great value to our attendees, something they come to expect from our reputation for stellar business development presenters.

We will be accepting proposals to speak in areas that are important to the development of small business. Topics that would fit the audience of the Ohio Growth Summit are:

  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Small Business Growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Web Presence (blogging, web design, etc.)

To submit a presentation you should visit the Call For Speakers page. There, you will be able to submit your proposal to speak as well as any support material we may need to consider your application.

The follow links will lead you to examples of sessions we have featured at previous OGS events:

Ohio Growth Summit 2010

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Attain Success At The Ohio Growth Summit

Now, before you submit you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. All presentations will take place June 6, 2013. We need you to be flexible with that day and will not be able to accommodate specific time frame requests.
  2. Our call for speakers ends April 5, 2013. Selected presenters will be notified by April 22.
  3. We like brevity. We know you have a lot to say about yourself but let’s keep your proposal tight. We need to know what the main takeaway of the presentation will be for our attendees and the most important points of how you’re going to get there. No fluff please. If we feel we need more information we’ll ask.
  4. Sales and product pitches are not allowed in sessions.
  5. Speakers at the Ohio Growth Summit will receive free admission to the event, however no travel expenses will be paid by the Ohio Growth Summit. Speakers will also be highlighted on, through our marketing and social media channels and in the event program.
  6. Speakers will be expected to participate in the marketing of the event through their own networks, including but not limited to social updates and a video introduction blog post about what the attendees can expect from your session. Specific details of how you can help market will be provided upon selection.
  7. Panels will be considered if they should apply but may not consist of more than three panelists + one moderator. Absolutely no exceptions. Please make sure that all panelists names and email are on the proposal and that everyone involved has given the okay before you submit. The panel will not be selected if one or more individual was not clear on deadlines and responsibilities of speakers as mentioned above.
Tiffany Timmons-Saab discussing sales strategies at the Ohio Growth Summit

Tiffany Timmons-Saab discussing sales strategies at the Ohio Growth Summit

Questions can be submitted through our contact page or on Twitter at @OHGrowthSummit.

Finally, presenters at the Ohio Growth Summit have a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of not only the attendees but all they touch with their business. That said… Be Great!





Submit your OGS13 Speaker Proposal HERE!

Michael Bowers

Michael Bowers

Michael is the founder and Director of the Ohio Growth Summit. Michael is committed the helping people take control of their careers, their businesses and their lives. Michael also is the founder and lead author of the small business blog "Ideas To Deals". He brings 25 years of helping individuals build and grow their small businesses.

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