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Creativity & Entrepreneurship in Business

One of the Ohio Growth Summit keynote speakers I’m very excited about is Jason Surfrapp, founder of Jason, who was born Jason Sadler, but has auctioned his last time twice, used his passion and ingenuity to create multiple profitable Internet-based businesses, including IWearYourShirt. There have been many profiles written about him by leading news organizations, and… Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Facing Change

The 2014 Ohio Growth Summit is less than two months away, and we have an incredible lineup of keynote speakers, including Steve Kloyda, founder of The Prospecting Expert. Steve is a highly sought after sales trainer who helps businesses attract prospects, retain clients and drive sales. Steve puts together regular blogs, videos and podcasts to… Continue reading

Facebook Image Dimensions – Infographic

Having a difficult time keeping Facebook’s different size requirements for images straight? Help has arrived! You’ll never need to search again because advanced Facebook marketer Jon Loomer of has created this handy infographic putting all the requirements in one convenient place. Need a glossary of Facebook ad terms or, specifically, a glossary for Insight terms? He’s got infographics… Continue reading

This is the 14th episode of Reach the Summit, a podcast to help you reach your business goals. Subscribe on iTunes, Spreaker or Stitcher Radio. Hosts Mike Bowers and Amy Schmittauer interview each guest to learn more about what makes them tick and keeps them striving for success in everything they do. Episodes are recorded twice per month and feature business owners, marketers, salespeople, social media… Continue reading

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Experience at OGS

As I wrote last week, I’ve been spending time getting to know our keynote speakers from the upcoming Ohio Growth Summit. One of our keynote speakers, Heather Whaling of Geben Communication, recently posted a blog on maximizing your experience at conferences. The post originated from Harrison Katz, senior business development manager at 2U, who wrote about what… Continue reading